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From a rich heritage of Hawaii`s ancient people with a blending of European and Asian cultures Allen Kale‘iolani Hoe has done much to please his ancestors and his community. His accomplishments throughout his private and public life demonstrates one of service to others. As an attorney for more that 40 years, he has served in numerous public offices at the county, state, and federal levels. As a Combat Veteran of the Vietnam War, he has devoted much energy to improving the lives of veterans and their families. Of particular note is his service in the capacity as a “CASA” Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, a direct role in assisting the Army’s leadership in responding to and addressing local and national issues.  Polo is his passion. His ancestors include British Cavalry Troopers of the 4th and 17th Light Dragoons who fought in the 1st Anglo-Afghan Wars as well as Vaquero from California who shared the  ranching skills to our “Paniolo.”

In 1986 he joined with three other polo players to establish the Honolulu Polo Club and continues as its President. He has enjoyed the lifelong friendships of playing polo at the national and international level, with some of the worlds best players. He has served in a number of leadership roles within the USPA and was recently the recipient of the organizations “General George S. Patton, Jr.” award for his role in helping to re-establish and promote Polo within the U.S. Armed Forces.

Chris Dawson deserves a lot of credit for it was during his tenure as the Circuit Governor from Hawaii, that the impetus for the establishment of the Armed Forces Committee was initially proposed by him. Today those efforts have generated a renewed interest in the role of the military in Polo in the U.S.A., and an increasing number of new and younger player in uniform who have joined in the effort.       




As a Native Hawaiian social entrepreneur, Chris is dedicated to creating wide-scale economic and cultural impact through the work of the Hawaiian Native Corporation (HNC), which he established in 2004. An industry trailblazer in Native and Small Business Contracting with the U.S. Federal Government, Chris is also the founder and CEO of HNC’s family of subsidiary companies, collectively known as DAWSON. Chris currently drives business strategy for HNC and DAWSON, drawing on more than three decades of experience launching ventures and positioning them for growth in emerging markets.

With the goal of bettering the environment in his home community, Chris started Dawson Environmental Services in 1994 as a solo entrepreneur providing soil remediation services throughout Hawaii. Since then, he has built the HNC and DAWSON family of companies into a global business enterprise based on traditional Native Hawaiian values and dedicated to giving back to the Native Hawaiian Community.

In his quest to revive and celebrate Hawaiian history Chris founded the Hawaii International Polo Association creating multiple multi-media projects designed towards showcasing the beauty of our Hawaiian history. He has singly handily elevated the sport of polo by investing in the top horses, players and talent to represent his brands. He has brought the first ever All-Pro 50 goal match to Hawaii and integrated Hawaiian Protocol into everything he does. He has elevated women athletes by sponsoring the first ever USPA U.S. Women's Open, and invested in creating an All Native-Hawaiian team that competed on the prestigious fields of the North Shore. As President and Founder of Hawaii Polo Life. Chris has created a brand that celebrates the female athlete and uses the proceeds from that brand to give back to various non-profit ventures. As the  Former Circuit Governor of the Hawaiian Islands for the United States Polo Association he advocated for the elevation of polo in Hawaii. It is his goal to continue to celebrate the rich and vibrant cultural of Hawaii through this Native-Hawaiian owned and operated non-profit. 




Executive Director of HIPA. Since 2016, under HIPA and Hawaii Polo Life Lehua, has directed and executed, annual, large scale polo, music and fashion events in the state of Hawaii. in 2017 she organized and executed the very first All-Pro, High Goal (25-goals per team) polo match to ever happen in Hawaii. She oversees HIPA and HPL operations and helped to launch the Hawaii Polo Life brand. She also manages the sponsorship of professional polo athletes in various matches supported by Hawaii Polo Life and HIPA. She travels extensively between Hawaii, Denver and Florida to support the efforts of Christopher Dawson the Founder and Visionary for Hawaii Polo Life and The Hawaii International Polo Association. Other programs that Wright helped to develop and grow are Under The Player Tent (Sunday Polo during Hawaii Polo Season) and the Polo Player Exchange program. Through the exchange program HIPA & HPL were able to bring some of the best polo players in the world to Hawaii. newest addition to both the Hawaii Polo Life family and the HIPA family. She has recently participated in the Summer 2020 campaign tie dye line. 

"Working for a company like HIPA has allowed me to experience things that only 1% of the world gets to experience. It's my job to share that story through various multi media platforms as told through the eyes of Christopher Dawson," says Lehua. 




Native  Hawaiian born Faith
Rogers is an international model and spokes person for the Hawaiian International Polo Association and Brand Ambassador for Hawaii Polo Life. Faith's  career as a model and actress has her  working between Los Angeles, Oahu, and South East Asia. She is currently signed with Premier Models. She has also completed her yoga instructor certification and is an art, health and ocean enthusiast.