Hawaii International Polo Association

Founded in 2013 by Native Hawaiian Chris Dawson to celebrate the history of polo in Hawaii since 1880 and to honor King David Kalakaua and his vision of a modern 19th century Hawaii with the contemporary international community of his time.

HIPA supports Polo and local Hawaiians by:

Developing equine retirement facilities for polo ponies

Supporting Hawaii youth through horsemanship programs

Supporting World Class Polo IN Hawaii

Supporting World Class Polo OUTSIDE of Hawaii

Supporting Breeding and Training Horse Operations

Organizational Structure of Enterprise Operations

Hawaii Polo Productions

Key HIPA Supporters


Chris Dawson

Founder and Visionary of Hawaii Polo Life (HPL) and the President and Founder of the Hawaii International Polo Association (HIPA). Christopher Dawson has taken his passion for polo and has turned it into a clothing brand that fuses the ocean and polo cultures of Hawaii. Additionally, Chris was the first USPA Circuit Governor to term out off his position. After 6 years of sitting on the board of the USPA Chris was inspired to re-energize the sport in Hawaii and started the HPL Polo Player Exchange program. Since 2015 Chris has been bringing in pros from all over the globe to play polo in Hawaii and was the first person to sponsor an All-Pro team. Collectively the All-Pro team had made up 40-goals, the highest ever to be played in the state. Chris now travels the world to play polo with world class players.

Adolfo Cambiasso

Currently ranked as the most successful player in the world and a reference in the polo world. Since beginning his professional career he has won 160 titles along 7 different countries including Argentina, the US, the UK and Spain among others. Adolfo has repeatedly won the Argentine Open, competing 28 times and winning 17 times. He scored more than 1,000 goals in the Argentine Open alone, breaking the record held by Bautista Heguy with 531 goals. He holds the record of being the player holding uninterruptedly his 10 handicap for more than 27 years (from 1994-today). At age 25, Cambiaso decided to create his own breeding business, as well as the polo team La Dolfina. Today he has nearly 1000 horses on his extensive farms.

Allen Hoe

From a rich heritage of Hawaii's ancient people with a blending of European and Asian cultures Allen Kale'iolani Hoe has done much to please his ancestors and his community. His accomplishments throughout his private and public life demonstrates one of service to others. As an attorney for more than 40 years, he has served in numerous public offices at the county, state, and federal levels. As a Combat Veteran of the Vietnam War, he has devoted much energy to improving the lives of veterans and their families. Of particular note is his service in capacity as a "CASA" Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, a direct role in assisting the Army's leadership in responding to and addressing local and national issues. Polo is his passion. His ancestors include British Cavalry Troopers of the 4th and 17th Light Dragoons who fought in the 1st Anglo-Afghan Wars as well as Vaquero from California who shared the ranching skills to our "Paniolo."



Prensa Polo: Chris Dawson Documentary

Prensa Polo: Chris Dawson Documentary

It's great to see the growth of the polo community in Hawaii and the efforts being made to promote the sport on the island. The partnership with La Dolfina and the Cambiaso family is a positive step in the right direction, and the establishment of a breeding organization in Argentina is a smart move that will contribute to the development of polo in Hawaii.
Chris Dawson Hawaii in Argentina


Christopher Dawson made an investment in La Dolfina. He bought a big barn in Argentina and is strengthening his alliance with Adolfo Cambiaso.     
Christopher Dawson website is LIVE

Christopher Dawson website is LIVE

Christoper Mailani Dawson is a Native Hawaiian social entrepreneur dedicated to creating wide-scale economic and cultural impact. For up-to-date information, click HERE