Mariano (Nano) Gracida Takes MVP at 2019 Pete Bostwick Memorial

Mariano (Nano) Gracida Takes MVP at 2019 Pete Bostwick Memorial

Hawaii Polo Life would like to congratulate our very own Nano Gracida on taking MVP at the 2019 Pete Bostwick Memorial! 

Nano was playing on the Crestview Genetics team alongside Hugo Lloret, Alan Meeker, and Aiden Meeker. The Final Match was played Friday, May 17th at New Bridge Polo & Country Club in Aiken, South Carolina. In a competitive game heavily driven by penalty conversions, Crestview Genetics’ accuracy from the penalty line was on display in the second half, rewarding the 2017 winning team with this year's 8-goal trophy 12-7

Mariano Gracida was named Most Valuable Player, contributing three goals to the scoreboard. “Our team is very well mounted and all the horses have been exceptional in every game throughout the tournament,” Gracida said. “Also we feed off each other’s confidence and never bring negative energy to the game. On the field we are always focused on the next play and remain focused even if we make a mistake.”

“Each one of us contributed to every game we won. Alan did a great job eliminating many of our opponents' scoring opportunities. Hugo was a great captain figuring out a system that worked against every team. When we needed change he was quick to realize and take action to improve our line up. Also, Aiden marked some of the top players and did a great job playing the number one position.”  – Mariano Gracida

Congratulations Nano!!!